Art Cards

This is a sample of past work from the late 90's to about 2005. All Art Cards are made with Strathmore Blank Greeting Card stock (5" x 6 7/8") with matching envelopes.


This is a very small sample of wearable assemblage pieces from the 90's. The necklaces with a flat pendant are made with a wood mount and sealed with clear liquid epoxy.

Large Boxes

The large boxes are usually protected by a pane of glass unless the objects can tolerate direct exposure.

Medium Boxes

6" x 6" wood shadow boxes with glass front.

Small Boxes

4" x 4" wood shadow boxes with glass front.


These are small wearable assemblage/mixed media pieces mounted on wood and sealed with clear resin epoxy.

Wall Pieces

These are larger assemblage pieces. Some of these are sealed with clear resin epoxy and others were fixed with an acrylic medium.


Digital Photography Samples from the Past