Rebecca Jane Hanna is an American assemblage artist, who works with various combinations of photography, found objects and mixed media usually constructed in a shadow box format. She earned a BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art in 1985. Rebecca is also a certified teacher (since 2004) of Life as a Waking Dream, a Jungian method of self-healing offered by Teleos Institute. She is currently residing in Baltimore, Maryland.


Rebecca was an introspective child of the 60’s. Her parents encouraged her natural artistic talents, love of nature and academic achievements. In 1973 Rebecca’s mother committed suicide and she took refuge in journaling, school work and making art. As an adult, her life experiences, family responsibilities, financial status and natural interests shaped everything from when she could create art to what materials she used. While raising her two sons in the 1980’s, for example, she could only work at night while they were asleep. Making small assemblage pins with vintage postcards and found objects allowed her work in limited windows of time. When her sons were older she began to make larger wearable pieces, shadow boxes and art cards.

By 1997 her work could be found in more than a dozen shops and galleries across the US. It was this year that her father was diagnosed with brain cancer and she became one of his main caregivers for the next five years. It became impossible to make art full time so she turned to her passion for metaphysics and psycho therapy. After earning a few more degrees Rebecca became a certified teacher of a self healing, Jungian type, method called Life as a Waking Dream, pioneered by Diane Kennedy Pike aka Mariamne Paulus. She designed customized therapeutic fairytales for her clients and writing became her outlet for her natural creative drive. Around that time she also was ordained as a metaphysical minister and earned certification as a Signature Cell Healing practitioner. She taught workshops and counseled people one on one.

From 2010 to 2014, Rebecca became a full time leader in the anti "Smart" meter movement. She volunteered her time without pay for as long as she could and now is only active part time. At 60 years of age she is now dividing her time between metaphysical (waking dream) counseling and creating art.

Please note that the 'Archives' page of this website has samples of previous work from various stages from her past. Work that is currently for sale is posted on the page designated under the 'Work' tab. This site will contain a link for purchasing work sometime in the future. The Etsy site is temporarily closed. The work under the category of 'For Sale by Artist' is available now, but not automatically. Please contact Rebecca through email or phone to arrange the purchase.

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Artist Name: Rebecca Jane Hanna (also trading under the name Moon Eyed, Arttful Scavenging on ETSY/RebeccaJHannaART on Facebook)
Date of Birth: November 1, 1963
Citizenship: American, USA
Current Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Medium: Mixed Media/Collage/Assemblage/Photography/Writing
Education: BFA 1985 Maryland Institute College of Art: See www.WakingDreamWisdom.com (About) for expanded bio.

Rebecca is married to David Diener and is mother to Alexander Newman and Skyler Newman.

Artist Statement

I never tire of scavenging for artifacts. I am thrilled by the synchronicity that seems to happen with intentional seeking. Re-framing found objects into some other  invented context stirs my imagination.  It could be defined as interactive multidimensional  poetry. I am highly energized by the process. Assemblage/collage  is essentially the art of conscious placement. I can feel the energy shift as I rearrange the materials within the framework. With each new piece I become more adept at feeling when something is ‘off ’ until I reach a distinct visceral feeling of Beauty. While the placement of the various elements is intuitive, the narrative running behind the work as a whole has personal symbolic meaning. I would say that my process is similar to lucid dreaming. The dream comes on it's own but I am aware that I can direct it.


1991 Tomlinson Gallery “The Bead—Contemporary Explorations”
1991-1996 Out of Hand Craft Show
1992 Nye Gomez Gallery February 29, 1992
1993 Baltimore Bead Society Slide Lecture of Current Work
1993-1994 Baltimore Bead Society “Bead and Jewelry Bazaar”
1993 Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)/ Artscape Wearable Art Fashion Show
1994 Neuvo Mundo ‘Icons and Iconography’ Trunk Show
1995 State of the Art Exhibition and Auction for Maryland Art Place (MAP)
1997 Spring -Artafare –MICA Auction
1997 Baltimore Alternative Show
1997 Maryland State Holiday Market
1997 “Taste of WEB” (Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore) Auction
1999 Spring -Artafare –MICA Auction
2001 Mud and Metal Trunk Show
2007 The MICA Alumni Show

Retail Stores/ Whole Sale Clients

1988-97 Discoveries (MD)
1989 Portfolio Art Gallery (MD)
1990 Hurricane (SC)
1990 Tulips and Tea (MD)
1993 Magpie (MD)
1993-97 Something Else (MD)
1995 T&P Designs (CA)
1995 Nuevo Mundo (VA)
1995 Sea Crest Gift & Gallery (DE)
1990-97 Tomlison Craft Collection (MD)
1995 Char (Mexico)
1995 Vitti Artisans Gallery (NJ)
1995-97 La Vieja Loca (NM)
1996 Lumina (NM)
1996-97 American Visionary Art Museum Gift Shop (MD)
1996 ZYZYX (MD)
1996-97 Two Friends Gallery (TX)
1997 Rag Poets Societe (NC)
1997 Gallery Alexander (CA)
1997 South West Craft Center (TX)
1997 Abercorn Place (NY)
1997 Dexterity (NJ)
1997 Fiber Space (NC)
1997 Carmel By the Sea (CA)
1997 Gallery 33 (NH)
1997 The Mole Hole (CA)
1996-2018 Mud and Metal (MD)
2015-2016 Still Life Gallery (MD)
2015 -2018 The Green Phoenix (MD)
2016-2018 The Green Phoenix 2 (MD)
2019 The Green Phoenix (MD)


1991 The Baltimore Evening Sun Wed. November 27, 1991 “Accent on Fashion”
1993 WJZ Television Interview with Kelly Saunders
1993 Baltimore Bead Society Newsletter
1993 Baltimore Business Journal
1994 Sister 2 Sister Magazine
1995 Bead and Button Magazine
2008 Designed “Life as a Waking Dream” Book cover for author Mariamne Paulus
2011 Designed “Yin Yang and You” Book Cover for author Mariamne Paulus


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1997/March 26, Recipient of the Maryland Arts Council (MSAC) Individual Artist Award in Visual Arts $3,000.00
1998/ February 21, First prize American Visionary Art Museum ‘Saints and Sinners Mardi Gras Ball’ mask contest.

Other Personal Interests

Waking Dream Work Teacher/Counselor (see: www.WakingDreamWisdom.com), Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astro-Theology, Alternative Medicine, Organic Gardening, Energy Work, Mythology/Fairy Tales, Symbolism, Mysticism, Surrealism, Alternative History, Etymology, Living Off The Grid Movement, The Home Funeral Movement (H F Guide trainee), The Anti Smart Meter Movement (lead activist, see: www.MarylandSmartMeterAwareness.org)